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Detox Stuff Australia (est. 2016)

We are Australias oldest, most reliable and leading supplier of detox products. We have a large range of synthetic urine brands and kits and were one of the first stockists of the ultra klean range of detox products. We also research and publish leading research into the field of drug detection in Australia and sell the standard AS4308 drug test kits in our store. Any questions you have - we are here to answer.

Our Blog


Drug Testing in the Workplace

Overview: Drug and alcohol presence in the workplace have been known to create chaos among employers and co-employees. Aside from imposing threat but its mere presents, these substance could lead [...]
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Bar and Pills

Best Drug Masking Drink

Narcotics or alcohol consumption causes a lot of mental, emotional and physiological disorders. Along with many other body processes, the use of these substances can cause sleep disorder, abnormal metabolism, [...]
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Blood Test

Drug Testing Kits Online

 You might be wondering what we’re here for. Drug tests are very common in organizations, workplaces, schools and those implemented by the government. Some might have found it nonsense and [...]
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Doctor Inspecting Something

Weed Detection Times in Saliva

If you’re going to search on the internet about how to pass a saliva drug test, millions of methods will show up. You can even find those weird methods in [...]
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Worried Girl

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms: Depression

Just like any other drugs, alcohol or narcotics, marijuana is addictive. That’s a reality. Whether you started late or early in life using this, side effects and withdrawal symptoms are at [...]
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Anxiety Image

Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms: Anxiety

  Such an unpleasant combination. Clinical researchers have found that marijuana can produce a variety of effects. Some are considered pleasurable but some may appear very complicated and undesirable. A [...]
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Opening Times and Information

Contact us before visiting, we are mostly online only.

Brisbane: Corner of Calam and Compton Rd, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109
Melbourne: Ground Floor, 470 St Kilda Rd Melbourne Vic 3004
Sydney: 1 Barratt Street, Hurstville, NSW. 2220

Opening Times
Monday-Friday: 9am-5pm
Saturday: *Closed*
Sunday: *Closed*

email: [email protected]