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Synthetic Urine

Detox Stuff are stockists of the very best synthetic urine or fake urine brands in Australia. We have been selling fake pee for longer than any other retailer in Australia and we know our stuff ! We sell all the common brands like Quick Fix, Monkey Flask and Ultra Pure Synthetic Urines which are the most recognised and commonly used synthetic urine brands for passing drug tests*

Best Synthetic Urine Australia

* These products are not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all Australian laws.

What Exactly Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine, or “fake pee” as is artificially formulated chemical urine. It is a substance created to mimic the appearance and composition of human urine with all major components including creatinine, uric acid, urea ammonia solvents like sulphates. You will find that even the pH level and specific gravity are nearly identical in natural or synthetic urine.

Fake pee can be found as a powder or a pre-mixed liquid solution, or in a heater pack. Both of these forms do have an expiration date so make sure any kits you have lying around for too long – get replaced.

The more common form of synthetic urine is the pre-mix liquid solution and this is basically the only form we sell here at Detox Stuff. This requires a little heating up but is the most fool-proof form of fake pee.

What is Synthetic Urine Made Of?

So let’s start with a brief description of synthetic urine and how it’s different parts are broken up. Synthetic urine is composed of four major components:

  • Urea: This is the major chemical in urine. It’s a colorless crystalline substance that has a pungent odor and salty taste, owing to its high concentration of ammonium ions.
  • Creatinine: A by-product created when creatine breaks down from dietary protein intake; it also helps regulate muscle tissue’s ability to produce energy with oxygen.
  • Sulfate: The salt or ester of sulfuric acid (HOS) which is found naturally in the body as part of bile acids, various hormones, and certain neurotransmitters such as dopamine. Other names for sulfates include hydrogen sulfate, sulphuric acid monoester, metal sulfates and salts, and sulfite ester.
  • Uric acid: A chemical compound that is a product of the breakdown of purines in DNA, RNA or ATP; uric acid can be found as crystalline deposits (urates) inside cells, where it serves an important function for humans as part of our immune system by attacking foreign substances like bacteria under normal conditions.

These major components all come together to form a compound that is either premixed or post-mixed with water and heated up to create a liquid that very closely mimics urine.

Labs monitor a few things very closely when looking at a urine sample so make sure your chosen synthetic has these things :

  • pH level: The acidity of a solution can be quantified on the pH scale, which ranges from 0 to 14. A lower number indicates greater acidity and higher number indicates greater alkalinity. Solutions with a pH of less than zero are acidic (0-14), while solutions above seven are basic or alkaline (greater than 14).
  • Temperature: A lab will use a temperature meter to measure the heat of your urine sample.
  • Specific Gravity: This is how much your solution weighs per unit volume, typically measured in kg/m³ or lb/gal (psi).
  • Color: urine has a distinctive yellow hue, depending on how much water it contains.
  • Creatinine: This is a natural chemical waste product that the body creates as part of muscle metabolism and in turn excretes from kidneys into urine. Labs use this to indicate kidney function.

The best part about buying from us here at Detox Stuff Is that we’ve already basically done all this research to make sure that the synthetic urine we stock is identical to real human pee that it can get.

How to Select the Best Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test in Australia*

If you are preparing to pass a drug test, the first thing that should be on your mind is what type of synthetic urine will work best for you. Some people prefer using flasks and liquids while others opt for prosthetics and wearables. Other considerations include how often one needs to use it (single-use vs multi-use), as well as shipping costs and prices.

So there’s really no way around it: buying fake pee can get expensive in a hurry depending on which product line or brand you select! We have some cheaper products than other brands but by and large, we find Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine offers great value considering its quality and Ultra Kleans’ 500% Money-Back Guarantee. That’s why we substitute most of our Synthetic Urines with the Ultra Klean Ultra Pure. This is single-handedly our favorite synthetic urine – so if you were struggling to choose. We would have you opt for that one.

You will often see people asking the question, “Can you reuse synthetic urine?” The answer is no. Synthetic pee that has been used once should not be reused because it becomes contaminated with bacteria and other elements from your body which can cause a false positive in a drug test. For this reason, most of our products are single-use only – you can get away with using Ultra Pure more than once. However, we do not recommend it!

How to Pass a Drug Test in Australia with Synthetic Urine (Theoretically)* 

All high-quality synthetic urine products contain temperature sensors and are designed for easier concealment (using tape or a belt strap) if you’re feeling nervous about your test.

To potentially cheat on a drug test (again, this is only intended to be used in accordance with Australian laws), you can either pre-heat the artificial urine premix into either the or use the prosthetic device that is designed for this purpose.

You are then going to provide your sample in one of two ways – by placing it directly into the specimen cup or using some type of apparatus like a syringe and squirting it onto the side of the cup.

If the temperature of your sample is too low, it will be flagged and you’ll have to go back for another one. So you will need to make sure you keep the sample warm by using the heating pad when needed and then making sure it’s close to your body (tape it to your thigh or use the provided belt).

You should also make sure that there are no air bubbles in the artificial urine or specimen cup because these can cause a false reading on some types of drug tests.

Other Reasons to Use Synthetic Urine

There are plenty of reasons to use synthetic urine, but it’s just about the only way you can guarantee success on a drug test however people use artificial pee in countless other ways including

Synthetic Urine as an Animal Repellent

Animals, like skunks and raccoons for example, are prone to getting into unattended trash cans. One way to keep them out is by using ammonia in synthetic urine as a repellent (the smell of which no animal can resist).

Artificial urine to keep kids from wetting the bed (or so they think)

Parents often use synthetic urine to keep their children from wetting the bed. Some parents buy a kit that includes fake pee and a heating pad or they simply make it in their own home with ingredients found at any pharmacy.

Using Synthetic Urine To Practice Medicine In A Lab Environment

One of the most common uses for synthetic urine is in laboratories, where it’s used to practice medical procedures. In order to do so, lab workers would use a dummy with an internal bladder that has been filled with fake pee (usually at least one gallon), and they will then drain the liquid into a sink or toilet if needed.

The advantages of using this technique are twofold: It gets doctors accustomed to working with patients who have diabetes by providing them experience in measuring their blood sugar levels; furthermore, since artificial urines come in many different shades and consistencies (ranging from clear/watery to dark brown) it becomes easier for doctors-in-training to identify what type of renal disease might be present.

Using Synthetic Urine For Pranks

What could be more of a laugh than covering your roommate’s bed with urine? Not much beats that laugh! Doing it with synthetic urine will make sure the chance of getting a blue eye is close to 0! This fake urine is perfectly healthy and doesn’t contain the horrible toxins that natural human pee does.

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing someone else’s face after they take their first sip from an iced tea that had been sitting there all day and then find out it’s actually just fake pee?

Final Thoughts on Synthetic Urine

Synthetic urine is a life-saver for many. It’s great for those who need to pass (illegitimate) drug tests and also for medical students learning about the human urinary system in class. Perhaps you should consider this as your next purchase when it comes to getting prank supplies!

At the end of the day, it’s great to know there is a solution for passing drug tests. In Australia, workplace drug testing is commonplace. While detoxing or drinking water by the bucketloads are other suggestions that may work in some circumstances, synthetic urine would be the most reliable and effective method.

When used correctly to pass your urine test by making sure the sample is warm, using a reliable brand (like Ultra Klean) and correctly injected into the sampling container – fake pee is without a doubt almost 100% effective. This is based on our countless years of selling this stuff online and is actually backed by Ultra Kleans 500% money-back guarantee.

So what’s the catch? Well, it might be a little bit more expensive than other options on the market. Probably around $50-$60 for our “premium” synthetic urine kit in Australia – but we think this is well worth it! You can order them at Detox stuff through the checkout- with free delivery to anywhere in Australia for purchases over $85.

In Conclusion, we hope that this blog post has answered any questions or concerns you may have had about synthetic urine. It really is one of the best ways to pass a drug test (lawfully) and we want everyone who needs it, to be able to use it!


* These products are not to be used on lawfully administered should be used in accordance with all Australian laws.

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