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Monkey Flask


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The Monkey Flask (Synthetic Urine Kit) is a flask which comes with 104ml of the highest quality synthetic urine available. The difference between this synthetic urine and others is that the manufacturers claim that it has all the correct amounts of uric acid, ph, foam, scent and colour of actual urine. The artificial urine sample even grows bacteria like the real thing! Some labs expect the sample to have grown some bacteria if they have a gap between testing and sample collection. So this is definitely a good thing.

Please Note: If we do not have this synthetic urine in stock, you will receive the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine instead. If you specifically want this synthetic urine brand then please let us know in advance or via email.

Product Instructions

  1. DO NOT remove or puncture the safety seal, located under the cap UNTIL the time of use.
  2. Attach the heat pad directly to the flask on the opposite side of the temperature strip.
  3. Store the flask close to your body.
  4. The sample can take up to 1 hour to reach the optimal range of 98-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. The flask will maintain that temperature for up to 8 hours. Remember that your body AND the heat pad combined will maintain the temperature.
  6. Make sure the temperature label reads green between 98-100 degrees and then deliver the sample.


  • You can speed up the heating process and preheat the flask in a microwave for 5-10 seconds. More than 10 seconds will usually take the sample above 100 degrees and will need a few minutes to cool down. Once the temperature reaches 100. Apply the heat pad to maintain the temperature.
  • The sample grows bacteria. If you are not sure when your test is then you may have to reheat it. We recommend using the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine instead.
  • If you are after a urine dispenser then have a look at the Monkey Whizz (unisex) or the Monkey Dong.

The Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine contains:

  • 104ml of Synthetic Urine.
  • Easy to Read Temperature Strip.
  • Self-Adhesive Heat Pad.
  • Safety Sealed Flip Top Cap.
  • Instructions to use the product.


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