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Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit


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The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit from Ultra Klean was created in 1997, years before competitors’ formulas were introduced to the marketplace.

This artificial urine is non-biological and unisex (so it can be used by males or females). It is a safe and superior-quality formula that contains all the ingredients normally found in urine.  It is properly balanced for PH, specific gravity and creatinine.

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The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit Contents

The Ultra-pure synthetic urine kit includes:

  • (60ml) of Synthetic Urine.
  • Temperature Strip.
  • Heating Pad.
  • Choice of 2 lids.
  • Rubber band.

Instructions for using Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

  1. Shake contents of the bottle prior to heating Ultra Pure.
  2. Shake heater pad and attach to bottle with a rubber band.
  3. Place the bottle and heater pad in your pocket.
  4. Wait 45–60 minutes until the temperature reads between 90-100 deg Fahrenheit (32 – 37 deg Celsius) which is the optimal temperature – check the temperature strip on the bottle.
  5. Shake the contents of the bottle and it is ready to use.

Tips For Using This Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine Kit

  • Tape it to your thigh to keep it warm
  • You can also keep it under your armpit
  • Heat in a microwave oven for approximately 10 seconds. This is if you want to get the temperature up faster than using the heatpad. Note: You will still need to use the heat pad to maintain the temperature at the optimal temperature.
  • If you are after another brand then try the Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine or the Quick Fix Synthetic Urine. They work equally as well in our opinion. The only difference is that the monkey flask has more artificial urine included in the package.
  • If you are buying 2 or more then grab our twin pack or triple pack for a discount

This Ultra Klean Synthetic Urine has a 2-year shelf life and requires no refrigeration, freezing or thawing.

Can You Reheat The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Bottle?

Yes, you can reheat the ultra klean synthetic urine as many times as you like according to ultraklean themselves. However, it is important to keep in mind that doing so – multiple times can eventually affect the chemical balance of the urine. However, as long as it is not being done to extreme temperatures (freezing, reheating etc) it should be fine and shouldn’t alter anything in the sample itself.

What Temperature Is Recommended To Keep The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Bottle?

The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Kit comes with a temperature strip that will guide you in making sure your synthetic urine sample is at the ideal body temperature. The temperature should ideally read between 90-100 deg Fahrenheit (32 – 37 deg Celsius) which is the optimal temperature.

How Do You Store The Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine?

You have to store this synthetic urine in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight. Leaving your sample exposed to direct sun rays is a sure way to alter its pH and make it invalid.

How Long Does The Ultra Pure Stay Heated?

The hand warmer can keep Ultra Pure between the required temperature for up to 5 hours. Although typically used for supplemental heat, it can also heat up the Ultra Pure Bottle when you don’t have access to a microwave.

* This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests. It is intended to be used in accordance with all Australian laws.

Due to COVID-19 and manufacturing limitations. We have run out of the Squirt Caps for the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine. For the time being – your purchase will not include a squirt cap. Please bear this in mind when purchasing.

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