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The Monkey Dong Strap-on Synthetic Urine Kit is a device that offers a very real looking attachment with a choice of 3 skin colours to choose from.

It is designed to function like the real thing and the flow of urine can be controlled with a simple squeeze. It is ready to be used straight away and requires no assembly.

The Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Kit comes with heating pads and over 100ml of very high quality Synthetic Urine. It also comes with a 100% cotton elastic adjustable belt that can fit upto a 54″ waist.

Instructions to use the Monkey Dong

  1. Close the white exterior Safety Valve before filling the bladder. This will prevent a possible premature discharge.
  2. Use the syringe to measure 90-100ml of water into a cup.
  3. Add the entire vial of dehydrated synthetic urine into the cup of water and stir the mixture until completely dissolved.
  4. Draw the Urine into the Syringe.
  5. Unscrew the cap on the bladder fill port and insert the tip of the Syringe into the Port.
  6. Inject the contents into the bladder.
  7. Unfasten the Bladder from the Belt by peeling back the velcro strips.
  8. Apply one Heat Pad to the side opposite the temperature strip. Reattach the bag to the belt with the Velcro Strips
  9. Strap the Belt on with the Temperature strip touching your skin
  10. Wait till the Temperature Strip reads 96-100 Degrees. (This can take 40-60 minutes depending on temperature of the urine)
  11. Open the safety valve before using.
  12. Squeeze the tip of the dong to deliver the sample.

What’s in the Monkey Dong Box?

  • Monkey Dong Synthetic Urine Kit (A choice of 3 colours, choose above).
  • 4 x Organic Heat Pads.
  • 1 Vial of Dehydrated Synthetic Urine (containing urea and uric acid)
  • Refillable Syringe.


  • If you are after a unisex alternative for women then give the Monkey Whizz a try or if you are just after the quality synthetic urine without the added strap-on device then be sure to grab the Monkey Flask.
  • Some people prefer premixed synthetic urine to the  freeze dried synthetic urine.  If this is the case for you, we recommend purchasing the Monkey Dong & Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine for cost saving and convenience.
  • Use a belt which makes some noise while unbuckling. The easy clip valve clip make a very subtle popping sound as it is opened and closed.
  • After opening, the heat pad will usually work for 8 hours.

* This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all Australian laws.


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