January 9, 2019 9:04 pm

Riza Delufo

Niacin Vitamin B3

Niacin: An Overview

Niacin has been defined as a type of vitamin that helps the body converts carbohydrates to glucose. Glucose is a sugar that helps the energy production of the body. Another term for niacin is B3 and it’s one of the vitamin B complex. This vitamin also serves as the body’s fats and proteins storage. The top responsibility of niacin is maintaining the optimum health of our hair, eyes, skin and liver. Another essential role of niacin is to help in the proper function of nervous system.

What does niacin do and why do so many people take it?

One reason why so many people take niacin pills is to boost their energy level. Some even think that by taking these pills, laboratory personnel won’t mind its presence on the urine for they think its just one of the many substances that can be found on it. At times, drug testing laboratories might not consider it as something alarming or a form of a result-tampering method. However, there’s still great risk that lies within.

There are still limited scientific and clinical studies that could prove its 100% effectiveness in both drug and alcohol testing. Though many have shared some feedback about it, but it should not be considered as reliable enough. Some people also said that they have passed their tests when they took the Niacin supplements, however, majority remain skeptical. They think it’s not worth the risk.

So, just like any other method that you can try to pass your drug  test, always considered what you think is best. Personally, it’s always safe to do the all-natural detoxifying method and understand the drug detection times chart as well before trying anything. Niacin pills or supplements are good, but they were never meant to hide nor alter any drug residues in your body to begin with. Also remember, that excessive intake of niacin could lead to negative side effects and other scary complications.

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