January 9, 2019 9:11 pm

Riza Delufo

Saliva Drug Test: An Overview

Just like any other drug tests, an oral swab or breathalyzer test is one of the most detailed and extensive type of test. It is more commonly known as a saliva drug test that is comprehensively done when drug-use screening is required. There are many known reasons why most institutions, employers and organizations require as well as conduct drug screenings. One reason is for safety preventive methods. Some other essential reasons include:

– professional development or staff recruitment
– preventive and safety measures within workplace
– secure performance accuracy among caregivers and medical facilitators

Alongside these essential reasons why you need to stay drug-free include a number of enormous issues:

Physical And Emotional Addiction

1. Physical and emotional addiction

As expected, drugs are physically and emotionally addictive. Using drugs can cause an enormous systems disruption as well as the body’s biological processes . In terms of emotional aspects, some people resort to using drugs to cope with some type of problems, depression and frustrations in life. Less do they realize they’re creating another level of mishap to deal with. If drugs can affect the physical and emotional health of a person, how much more it can alter one’s attitude and behavior? Thus, affecting many relationships and compromised even their own career at worst.


2. Unaccountable expenses

Drugs addiction is one of the social vices that are considered expensive. Day after day or week by week, their expenses are getting higher for they tend to crave for some more which will then create an enormous financial issue affecting the entire family.

 Poisonous Drugs

3. Health will be jeopardized

Illegal drugs are considered poison. Using it more often than not can cause so much harm and danger to your body and to your loved ones.



4. Prone to accidents

When you’re under the influence of drugs, far more likely you’ll end up in a car crash or other kinds of accident resulting to fatal injuries or even death.



5. Arrest for illegal drug possession or other related crimes

Many countries implemented rules against illegal drug possession. Anyone caught using or selling should be penalized. As reported, an enormous number of drug addicts were arrested not only because of drug possession but with many drug-related crimes committed like murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery and more. Most people responsible were under high influence of drugs.

It’s not too late to start a new life and you’re never too old to get cleansed and come out fresh. Save your relationship and your career while you still have time. Many companies are conducting drug screening sessions in a regular basis. As much as possible stay away from using illegal drugs or any harmful substance that could alter your cognitive skills. There are several methods presented to free your system from any traces of any drug types possibly found on any forms of drug test.

What are drug detection times?

In order to pass a saliva drug test, one should understand the basic concept on the strengths and weaknesses of the saliva drug test.

– Amphetamines and Ephedrine will test positive in saliva tests for about 3 days.
– Cocaine will come out positive in saliva and blood for three days and hair up to 90 days.
– May take up to 72 hours or even weeks to remove Marijuana, Nicotine and Opiates out from the body most especially when taken more often.

For a more detailed look at drug detection times. Be sure to check out our drug detection times chart.

What are the most common drug tests?

The 4 most common drug tests include mouth swab drug test, urine drug test, hair drug test and blood test. Being one of the most common type of drug testing, the mouth swab drug test is most likely to be passed. This test is done by scrubbing part of the cheek, between the gums and under the tongue. It usually takes approximately 2 minutes or until the required sample amount has been collected. It may take few minutes to few days to get the test results.

Always be mindful that when your result show positive, you might lose your job opportunity or can hardly get one. We can’t give you any tips on how to tamper a mouth swab drug test, that’s a total violation. We don’t want to cause any more trouble in your life. So if you’re taking any kind of drugs and want to get a negative saliva test result, you should definitely check out our Ultra Wash Mouthwash. Everyone swears by this product!

Why compromise or put all you’ve worked hard for to waste? Remember, committing mistakes that could ruin your life is one thing, doing something to make it right is another. Never doubt what clinical experts can do to help you. That’s why we’re here. Don’t take all this information we’re giving you for granted. Who knows you might be one to sign a job offer or someone who’s next in line for another promotion. It’s never too late. We’re certain that by following few simple instructions you can definitely pass any drug tests. This page offers information and product details that are relevant, safe, well-tried, no medications needed and, above all, can simply be done at home. An absolute life saver!

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