January 9, 2019 9:07 pm

Riza Delufo

How efficient and effective are home remedies?

Have you ever wondered how those general household stuff can help you pass our next drug test? You might not have thought that a bottle of bleach or even pure water could be a simple life hack to beat test results. There are myths and misconceptions you may have heard though about the use of these items but this article will provide you with the truth. This article highlights comprehensive tips, appropriate products and correct methods to use them only from the most reliable source. This will help you stay at ease and get nothing but negative results from any kinds of drug tests that you need undergo.

If there’s one way to cleanse your body and reduce the toxin load, it’s detoxifying. This process will eliminate the kidney’s normal waste processing load. It can perform well and be more efficient at removing waste most especially drug traces or residues. Nevertheless, if done correctly, it’s unlikely to get a positive result. We’ll find out their effectiveness, efficiency and learn how it could also put you at risk.

Let’s examine these most common household items:

Plums Certo
1. Certo. This detox method use fruit pectin as its main ingredient to pass the drug test. Common household use of it is to make jam or jelly. Another similar brand is Sure Gel. Though many have claimed success but there’s no laboratory test proof. Some think that it could be consumed as a same-day detox drink prior to urine test. And has been believed that it could temporarily flush out body toxins and reduce toxin metabolites for about several hours.


2. Baking Soda. Here how it’s used by some people to hide any drug residues during the test. Put a pinch of baking soda in the palm then add fe
w drops of water to make a paste. Gently massage it on your hair and scalp. This remedy has been believed to wash out any drug metabolites on the hair cuticles. This way, chances of passing hair drug test will be increased.


Drinking Water to pass a drug test

3. Water. An extra amount of water intake can dilute body toxins. Similar method has been suggested to remove any possible infection in the kidney. But when it comes to removing drug traces, it was never proved yet that water can do that wonder. You can consume gallons of water a few hours prior to drug test but again, it’s not 100% guarantee to beat the result. Some metabolites are known to be insoluble in water so this method will unlikely to completely flush out drug residues or traces from the body. Temporarily, it could only dilute the urine.


Apple Cider Vinegar to Pass a Drug Test

4. Apple Cider Vinegar. Many believe that when you add vinegar to your urine sample, metabolites will be reduces. That’s a total misconception. Yes, it could lower the level of detection but still it’s not hundred percent guaranteed. Chances are, the pH level will be altered and urine sample might be compromised which may lead to test result failure. Some also tried to consume plenty of apple cider vinegar along with other vegetables during meal time for they believe that drug residues or other toxins can be flushed out. Yet, this method sounds healthy but was never proven at all to help pass any drug tests.


Cranberry Juice to Pass a Drug Test

5. Cranberry juice. This are considered diuretic which believes to be substances that stimulate a person to urinate. Some said that by stimulating urination, diuretics has the capability to flush out drug metabolites from the system. Then again, this method was not well-supported by any scientific evidence.



6. Bleach. It’s funny that some people think that by adding bleach to their urine sample it could clear the drug test. Some have those weird thought of adding detergent which end up being busted by laboratory personnel. Never do that. This method absolutely never have any effect on drug metabolites. Much more if you’re thinking of drinking it. This will obviously make your life more miserable or even worst, may lead to death.


Never even try any home remedy that includes consumption of something hazardous and dangerous. Yes, home remedies can save you money instead of buying expensive detox products. But, it will definitely put your life at stake. Remember, these home remedies are never scientifically proven. There are lots of reliable all-natural detox products that will help you pass your drug test available on this site.

As we all know, swindling or tampering a drug test is a regulatory and terminable offense in some countries which may result in some criminal or civil penalties. Never jeopardize your career, your reputation and most especially your life. So, before attempting any weird remedy, why not buy the most trusted detox products available in the market today. They’re absolutely safe and reliable. These products are made out of natural herbs and organic ingredients and are clinically proven. Choose wisely!

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