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Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Review – Updated for 2022

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Box

The market is flooded with brands selling synthetic or artificial urine. Synthetic urine is a chemical formulation that is created with the aim of mimicking human urine. It was invented to perform various functions and serve to benefit some industries. However, it is now commonly used to fool drug tests. As the popularity of these products increases, there is also a great deal of scrutiny that goes into judging them. With more people buying synthetic urine and experiencing different things, product reviews are getting more mixed and detailed at the same time. While some people have a good experience of use and achieve the desired results, others may find it to be a hassle and may not even be able to achieve targeted results.

Comparing the Competition.

There are three major brands that are extremely popular when it comes to synthetic urine, Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine, Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, and Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine. All these brands These three brands have the highest success rate when it comes to mimicking real human pee. They are all made from high-quality raw materials, including all the chemicals used. They have very different formulations, which are product secrets making these brands so successful.

All three products are available in easy-to-use complete kits, which contain every single thing a consumer would need to use these products successfully. These kits contain the Synthetic Urine fluid, a temperature strip, a heating pad, caps, and a rubber band. They also do not require any other materials to be mixed into the fluid provided. All chemicals required to mimic real pee are premixed. These products are incredibly successful in mimicking human pee in various aspects, including gravity, consistency, color, foam, creatinine level, uric acid level, odor, urea level, pH, and, if appropriately heated, then temperature also. To mimic real urine so well and across so many parameters requires a lot of research and very specific formulations, which these brands have successfully cracked.

In addition to being great at fooling standard drug tests, including the Specimen Validity Test, Immunoassay, and Adulteration test; these products are constantly evolved and bettered by the brands to make them as easy to use for users as possible and remove any chance of the product getting detected as fake. This constant effort to remain a great product puts these brands in the running for the best performing synthetic urine product.

Parameters for testing the product

In addition to customer reviews, there are also other reviews of these products. These reviews are usually done by some testing authority that tests these products across various parameters to check how the product has improved or deteriorated in performance. Brands may ask for these reviews themselves as part of product development, or testing authorities and reviewers might do this to post their findings. These focused tests become vital because they are usually carefully done as per instructions of the product package. Whereas, with customer reviews, there is always a chance that the customer did not use the product correctly, making them arbitrary, especially if very few customers provide negative reviews.
Targeted reviews are more detailed in information, thereby enabling brands to further work on the product. As such, when reviews are done after testing a product, the following parameters are tested:

  • Ease of Use: This means how easy or straightforward it is to use the product. Whether or not customers need to observe any special precautions outside the ordinary and whether they need to add any products from their end. Whether or not it is simple to heat the product without causing any mess and how long the product stays heated. This parameter may also judge if a product is reusable or not and if there are any differences in results upon reuse.
  • Quality of Ingredients: This means what kind of chemicals were used in the manufacturing process of a particular product. While the more popular and reliable brands use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, others often use cheaper products that may be laced with impurities or may be diluted.
  • Temperature: When submitting a synthetic urine sample to a drug testing lab, one of the first things that can pass or fail your sample is its temperature. If the synthetic urine is very hot or cold, it will become apparent that a fake product has been used. While the good quality products have a stable formula that remains heated for a while, cheaper products may be inconsistent or unstable and may either overheat or get cold soon after heating the product.
  • The inconsistency of cheaper products can even have one bottle of synthetic urine that is good for use or that passes the test, while others are volatile and immediately recognizable as fake.
Ultra Klean Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Contents

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Review

Developed in 1997, Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is made using a proprietary formulation. In the following decades, the product has become very popular and for a good reason. It is one of the most trusted brands of synthetic urine on the market currently due to its unique combination of pharmaceutical-grade organic and inorganic ingredients. Containing all the ingredients found in natural human pee, Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine by Ultra Klean has the perfect synthesis of materials that lend it to the various properties of real pee. Ultra Pure is also very popular among users because it comes in a very small bottle that can fit in your pocket, making it a very discreet product. That, coupled with ease of use, 98% success rate, and a 500% money-back guarantee, all make this product a top choice.

Undergoing a drug test is not something anyone looks forward to. However, since it is becoming quite common, individuals who do not feel like they would pass the test without cheating often resort to alternative products. Since it holds crucial importance to one’s career, random drug tests have become quite a dreaded event, making it necessary for those looking to purchase synthetic urine to get the best products that can guarantee success.

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