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There are a lot of synthetic urine brands to choose from in Australia. However, only 3 of them prove to work to successfully pass any drug test and that is lawfully administered in Australia. Passing as real human urine most of the time. Those are (in order) :

  1. Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine
  2. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
  3. Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine

All 3 of these kits and brands are stocked at This article explores the best synthetic urine kits and the difference between these 3 and the other lower-quality synthetic urine brands out there.

How and Why We Selected These 3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands For Passing Australian Drug Tests

  Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine Quick Fix Plus Monkey Flask Other Synthetic Urine
Discrete? Yes Yes Yes No
Heatpad? Yes Yes Yes No
Thermometer? Yes Yes Yes No
Uses Quality Ingredients Yes Yes Yes No
Pass Rate 98% 85% 70% <40%
Failure Rate 2% 15% 30% >60%

Discrete and Useful Tools To Pass

The best Urine Kit is one that provides you with everything you need while being discreet enough to get past anyone who may be testing you for drugs. The synthetic urines we selected are usually best because they are made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients that can deliver accurate results most of the time through their ability to be hidden.

We’ve also chosen to go with premixed synthetic urine (liquid synthetic urine) as opposed to the powdered synthetic urine as we find that mixing powdered synthetic urine can lead to a lot of confusion. Fake pee shouldn’t be complicated to use and pass as real urine.

Temperature Tools (Heatpad & Thermometer Strip)

A commonly overlooked aspect of synthetic urine testing is the temperature of the urine samples. This is something that all our best picks have perfected. Each of their products come with a heating pad to ensure the sample is at the correct temperature when it is submitted. They also come with a handy temperature strip to make sure the temperature of your synthetic urine is correct before and after use.

Passes Australian Standards

Over our years of selling countless synthetic urine products – we’ve figured out an easy ‘pass rate’ system to help you make the best decision on buying synthetic urine suitable for use in Australia.

We’ve analysed all fake pee kits, synthetic urine brands and urine sample data to give you a conclusive number on the overall pass rate of all our synthetic pee brands in Australia.

The Australian Drug Testing Laboratories’ testing panel differs from that of the United States. The standard spot drug test includes an extra drug, Benzodiazepines (BZO), which is not tested for in American drug testing panels. That’s why – often synthetic urines that work in the US do not work in Australia.

Quality Of Ingredients

When testing for synthetic urine in Australia, they are looking for certain markers to show up in your system when you use bad quality synthetic urine. These include things like Uric Acid, PH and Creatinine levels. Some brands may be great at hiding some of these markers but not all of them so it is best not to take any chances when trying to pass a drug test in Australia. 

So without further ado, let me introduce the 3 best synthetic urine brands and Kits in Australia – I’ve also included a failure rate which is something we have observed over years (since 2016) of selling each synthetic urine kit & brand in our store.

Number 1 - Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine - The Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands and Kits That Work In Australia

Our Pick For Best Synthetic Urine: Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine

This is our best pick for the best synthetic urine kit to use in Australia. Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine is made with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and comes with a heating pad to ensure the sample is at the correct temperature. It is also one of the most discreet kits on the market, coming in a small bottle that can fit into your pocket.

It is best to go with the best! Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine has been proven over many years now that it can deliver on all these aspects most of the time and does it very quickly too which is ideal.

Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine has an outstanding reputation in Australia and we never hear of failed tests, sometimes we substitute orders with this Synthetic Urine because it’s just that good! We’d put its failure rate around 2% in the Australian Market. This means 98% of the time – you will pass your test.

Ultra Klean (The makers of Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine) is also just as confident in their product and actually offer a 500% money-back guarantee if you fail!

Number 2 - Quick Fix Synthetic Urine - The Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands and Kits That Work In Australia

Runner Up: Quick Fix Synthetic Urine (Plus Version)

Quick Fix Plus Synthetic urine is another great choice for those looking to pass a drug test in Australia. It comes with all the essentials you need including a heating pad and is made with high-quality ingredients.

Quick Fix has a good reputation in Australia but unfortunately, there have been some instances of failed tests. We’d put its failure rate around 15% in the Australian Market. This means 85% of the time – you will pass your test.

Spectrum Labs – the makers of the quick fix formulation do not offer any money-back guarantee on their products at this time.

Number 3 - Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine - The Top 3 Best Synthetic Urine Brands and Kits That Work In Australia

Last but not least: Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine

This is the most affordable synthetic urine kit on our list and is great for those who are looking for an inexpensive way to pass a drug test. However, it doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to its accuracy rate with a high 30% failure rate for this kit.

Serious Monkey Business – who created the monkey flask also do not offer any money-back guarantees at this time.

So there you have it! The 3 best synthetic urine brands and Kits that actually work in Australia according to our experience from selling them since 2016.

Why do other Synthetic Urines Fail Australian Drug Tests?

When looking to purchase synthetic urine, it is important to understand why some do not work in Australia.

The main reason is the Australian Drug Testing Laboratories use a different testing panel than the United States. This panel tests for different markers in your urine and the standard spot drug test includes an additional drug – Benzodiazepines (BZO).

These are not tested for in American drug testing panels, which is why many synthetic urines that work in America, do not work in Australia.

How Do I Know If The Synthetic Urine I’m Considering Is Right For Me?

If you want to make sure the synthetic urine you are considering will work for an Australian drug test, there are a few things you can look out for.

The main things to test is the PH Level and Creatinine Level of the fake urine solution. You also want to make sure the sample is able to be heated with a heat pad and temperature easily tested using a temperature strip.

Alternatively, you can contact the detoxstuff customer service team who will be happy to help you select a product that is right for your needs.

How To Best Use Synthetic Urine In Australia – The Step-By-Step Guide

Now that we have gone over the best synthetic urines to use for Australian drug tests, let’s go over how to use them.

The best way to use synthetic urine is to follow the instructions that come with the product – we provide handy instructions on each of the fake pee product pages. However, we will give you a general idea of how it is done.

  1. Make sure the synthetic urine is at room temperature before you begin.
  2. Pour the synthetic urine into the sample bottle or container that is provided.
  3. Attach the heating pad and heat for up to 4 hours (or as directed).
  4. Shake well and test the temperature using the temperature strip – it should be between 33-38 degrees Celsius (94-100 degrees Fahrenheit).
  5. If everything looks good, it’s time to go take your drug test!
  6. Once you have finished the test, make sure to safely dispose of the sample like you would any other.

Summary Of The Best Fake Pee Kits In Australia

When it comes to synthetic urine in Australia, you want to make sure you are using a product that has been tried and tested. The three products we have listed above have all been proven to work in Australian drug tests – so you can rest assured knowing you will be passing that test!

* This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests. It is intended to be used in accordance with all Australian laws.

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