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Tips to Help You Pass A Drug Test

Facing the challenge of trying to understand how to pass a drug test can be really daunting if you do not have the all of the answers you need to the questions you have.  Having the answers to the most common testing questions can not only bring a certain peace of mind and confidence, but these answers can also help you to successfully pass your drug test.   Take the time to review the following questions and answers.

 Drug Detection Times

  • For How Long Can Drugs be Detected in a Drug Test? – Toxins can stay in your body from anywhere between several hours to a many months.  The length of time can also depend on the types and amounts of impurities absorbed by your body, the duration of your use, as well as your rate of metabolism, general health, and also several other personal factors.  The type of drug test you are facing also has be big factor on how long drugs can be detected in your system.  For example, drug detection with Blood Drug Test – detection times are measured in hours. You can get a full breakdown of drug detection times by going to our other blog post on this topic.
  • Are Some Tests More Sensitive Than Others? – Yes.  Like most products, the quality and the target market of the tests can effect the sensitivity of the drug test.  Different tests accept different cut-off values for detecting a substance in your body.  Where one test might fail, another will give you a pass and there is no way to know which tests will be administered.  There are Government standards, but only those being tested by a group that adheres to these standards need follow these more stringent (expensive) standards.
  • Can Any Tests Determine Exactly When A Drug Was Consumed? – Neither the Saliva or swab test, blood test or urine drug test will tell a tester when a drug was used. A hair tests can but these are not commonly used in Australia.
  • Are Some People More Prone To Failing? – Yes, some people are more prone to collect and store toxins in their systems.

    • Amount and frequency of use:   Single, isolated or small doses are usually less likely to be detected.
    • Long-Term & chronic use:  Depending on the drug may result in much longer drug detection times.  People with a higher level of fat in their system or people who have a low level of activity can also see longer detection times.
  • What Drugs Do They Typically Test For?– All tests are available in a range of different configurations and it is virtually impossible to know in advance exactly which drugs you will be tested for.  So the bad news is that you will never know which combination of tests will be administered beforehand.  To this end you should assume the worst and plan on being tested for the BIG 10 which are:

      1. Amphetamines
      2. Methamphetamines
      3. Cocaine
      4. Marijuana
      5. Opiates
      6. Barbiturates
      7. Benzoziazepines
      8. Phencyclidine (PCP)
      9. Methadone
      10. Ecstasy

The bottom line is you can never tell.   A safe rule of thumb is: if you are concerned about a particular contaminate, you can bet the testers will test for that specific drug or medication.

  • What If I Do Not Know When The Drug Test Will Be Administered? – Random testing is a big problem and addressing it has no real good answer.  SURPRISE is the plan of the testers and it is very effective system.  This is  why random drug testing is more and more common in workplaces these days.  Thankfully, most tests will be announced in advance and you can take action to minimize your risk.  If you are not given notice, substituting with a good brand of Synthetic Urine may be your only hope.  Many testers are beginning to use the Saliva Drug Test for random testing as this test can be administered at anytime or any place by relatively unskilled individuals.  Urine and Blood test products need a minimum of one hour action on your part to reach maximum protection. Our  products for the saliva tests are effective immediately after using the product.

 Drug Test Q and A

Questions & Answers

  1. Can Prescription or Over-The-Counter Products Cause Me To Fail? – Be aware that certain foods, and many prescription and over the counter medications can cause you to test “positive” for various kinds of drugs, read our article on false positive drug tests.  One example that was recently shown to cause a false positive on the Discovery Channel TV Show “Myth Busters” was eating bagels with poppy seeds and testing positive for opium.

  2. Why Can Drinking Lots Of Water, Coffee or Even Soda Cause Me To Fail? – Most tests today check for sample temperature, PH and Creatine levels.  Drinking an excessive amount of water, coffee or any diuretics before your test can cause what is known as a diluted specimen.  Some companies take this as a test failure.   If you do not have a product that can reestablish the correct levels you are at a real risk as some companies will let you retake the test and some will not.

  3. What Do I Do If I Fail A Drug Test? Drug tests are sometimes unreliable for a variety of reasons.  It could be the tester made a mistake, the test device iis bad or you might have a positive reaction for a over the counter medication or even food.  Many people who have never used drugs have tested positive for drugs.  You should act/be surprised and ask for a retest .  Many testers will likely allow you to take the test again.  This is the time to have your documention in place for prescription medications or over the counter medications that might have caused you to fail.


What Will Work To Help You Pass A Drug Test.

Detox Stuff are here to help you pass your test.  To pass a drug test just takes a few critical steps as each test has strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited.  If you exploit theses weaknesses you will probably pass and if you don’t you will probably be at risk of failing.

If you are to learn how to pass a drug test you really must understand the following five points. Take the time out and study the information.  This just might be the most important information you ever read.

  1. Identify Which Drug Test You Are Facing.  It might sound simple, but this is a very critical component to passing a drug test.  All drug tests have specific strengths and weaknesses that can be exploited.  Learn all of the facts about Urine Drug Test, Saliva Drug Test Or Blood Drug Test (fact sheets soon to be uploaded on this site)
  2. Buy the best detox product available.  What is the level of risk that is acceptable for you personally? It is much more desirable to have the protection and not need it than have needed the protection and not had it.
  3. Test Yourself First To Better Understand Your Challenges.  Knowing if you will pass a drug test can either put you at ease or provide you the time to develop a passing strategy.  A Urine Drug Test is inexpensive, easy to use and cheap insurance.
  4. You Can Bet The Main 5 Drugs Will Be On Your Drug Test   Drug tests are available in multitude of combinations.  You should always be ready for the big five: THC (Marijuana), Cocaine, Methamphetamines, Opiates & MDMA.  It is entirely up to the testers which drugs will be on your test and you will not be told before hand which drugs will be on your test.
  5. Learn How Long Drugs Can Be Detected In Your Body. Drug detection times vary depending on many factors including your fat content, your activity level, your metabolism, as well as the amount and frequency of your use. Each drug test has its own detection time and a corresponding strategy to pass for that specific drug.  Our Drug Detection Time Chart has lots of information on this topic.

There are lots of web sites guaranteeing you will pass any THC test with this product or that, and the testers will tell you that their tests can not be beaten.  This is just marketing hype.  Like most things in life, the truth is somewhere in the middle.  The bottom line is the only absolutely sure way to pass a THC test is not to put yourself at risk.

That being said, purchasing and correctly utilizing effective detoxification products as additional insurance just makes good sense.  The peace of mind of having effective products to back up your cleansing strategy is one of those things in life that is better to have and not need than need and not have.

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