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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine, as the name suggests, is a brand of artificial urine formulated to mimic biological human pee. The reason behind Quick Fix’s popularity is its unique formula. This formula, invented by Spectrum Labs, makes Quick Fix synthetic urine resemble actual urine in terms of appearance, smell, pH, and foam. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is also known for mimicking similar properties to human urine in terms of creatinine balance, gravity, as well as bacteria production. Considering the uses of the product, its resemblance with actual urine directly translates into higher sales and more popularity of the product.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine - Box with Instructions

Every Synthetic Urine product has precise instructions for use which customers must strictly adhere to in order to get the desired results from the product. Very often, users find that the synthetic urine is too cold or too hot, which leads to its immediate identification as a fake sample, leading to it getting rejected. If Synthetic urine is not correctly used, it can also alter the results of any tests performed on it. To ensure that the test results come out as expected, all customers must follow the usage instructions carefully.

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Contents and Usage

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be purchased from the market or online easily. Quick Fix is available in the form of a kit. This kit contains all the necessary products that the customer would need to use the fake urine correctly. When you purchase a Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit, you will find the following in the package:

  • 3 Ounces (90ml) of Synthetic Urine Fluid
  • A Disposable Heating Pack
  • A Rubber Band
  • Heat Strip
  • Safety Cap
  • Instructions for usage

If you have tried another Synthetic Urine brand before, you must be familiar with the method of using this; however, it is essential to read the instructions for Quick Fix Synthetic Urine as they may be different from those of other brands.

How a Synthetic Urine (Quick Fix) should be used?

Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Instructions Boxes

To ensure that the product performs well and you get the desired results, the following instructions must be strictly followed:

  •  Shake the synthetic urine containing bottle well.
  • Remove the cap and then place it in the microwave for 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, take the product out and use the heat strip to check the temperature of the heated fluid.
  • The ideal temperature must be between 94-100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If you do not want to heat the product in the microwave, you can use the disposable heat pad provided in the kit. Simply wrap the heat pad on the fluid container and secure it with tape or with a rubber band. A rubber band is provided within the kit, so you do not need to worry about arranging anything at all.
  • After the product is heated, put the cap back on and shake the product again to ensure uniformity of product composition.

While the steps are pretty simple to complete and get the perfect results, there are also a lot of precautions to be followed when using Synthetic Urine (Quick Fix). Some of the most important things to remember are:

  • The cap of the fluid container must be removed before putting it in the microwave for heating.
  • The synthetic urine-containing bottle needs to be shaken thoroughly before and after heating and also before use.
  • Synthetic urine is a complex combination of various chemicals required to mimic real urine. However, since it is a fake product, there can be some settlement of different chemicals. This can result in improper results or even the lab finding out that the sample is fake.
  • The product can be reused again if needed. To reheat the product, use hand warmers which would transfer heat slowly to the product.
  • Once heated, the product will stay warm for up to 6 hours. It is thus advised to heat the quick fix synthetic urine as close to the time of use as possible.

If these precautions are taken care of, and the instructions are followed to the letter, you will get the desired results from the product. Depending upon the requirement for which the product is being used, these instructions need to be kept in mind. While a lot of individuals use this product to clear random drug tests administered by their companies, synthetic urine has a lot more uses. For example, it is commonly used by experimental scientific labs that are testing out new products. Another common industry in which synthetic urine is used is the diaper-making industry. When trying out new products or new additions to existing products, they may need to check whether they can hold up to their promise or not. For example, if a diaper company advertises that their diapers can curb the stench of urine, then they need to test this feature before making such claims. Artificial or synthetic urine products like Quick Fix are helpful in such scenarios. By successfully mimicking the smell of human urine, this product is handy for this purpose.

There are a lot of ways in which Quick Fix Artificial Urine can be used. However, when aimed to be sold to individual customers, the use is generally for clearing drug tests. If you too fear that your company would suspend or fire you if your pee does not clear a drug test, this product may be of use to you. However, as far as governmentally mandated drug tests are concerned, this product is not created with the intent to fool those. Quick Fix has been made and is sold, keeping in mind all the local laws of the country and state where it is being made available. Customers, as well as sellers of the product, are expected to abide by the same as well. Those who need to use this product repeatedly can also find multi-packs online, which would last you longer and probably even cost a little less. While keeping in line with the regulations, customers can reap the full benefits of the product by carefully following the instructions that accompany the kit and by keeping in mind the necessary precautions.

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