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How Do You Beat a Mouth Swab? Myths and Facts

Drugs are an illegal substance across the globe, which are often used and abused by people, thereby leading to the need for drug tests to ensure they are not being used. There are a lot of varieties of drugs, and while, in general, they are illegal, some, like marijuana, can be used by people provided they have a valid prescription for it. However, this is only true in very few places. A urine test is the most common technique of doing a drug test, however a mouth swab test can also be utilised. A mouth swab drug test takes an oral sample to determine if a person has used drugs of any kind.

Drug tests are taken for various reasons across the world, especially in countries where the use of drugs is relatively high. Additionally, some jobs can also include periodic surprise drug tests from employees to ensure no one has been working under the influence of illegal substances. Further, some countries have the mandate to include drug tests in their pre-employment background checks as well as surprise corporate checks to make sure no employee has been taking any illegal substances. Any person found guilty can face dire consequences, including suspension or termination. With the buzz around mouth swab tests increasing, there are many questions, facts and myths being built around them, and in this article, we will try and address them.

Will I pass a mouth swab if I brush my teeth?

Unsurprisingly, will I pass a mouth swab if I brush my teeth is one of the leading questions when it comes to ways in which a mouth swab can be beaten? There are a lot of opinions around it, both in the affirmative and negative. So let’s try to break it down. The probability of beating a drug test depends mainly on how long before the test you used drugs and what kind of drugs you used. This is important because different drugs take a different amount of time to leave your system.

Some drugs like weed or THC stay in your system for about 24-48 hours. So if you have a mouth swab drug test outside of this timeframe, you will probably beat it; however, if your test is conducted within this timeframe, it will be nearly impossible to beat the test. Some users have found it helpful to use a strong mouthwash created for this purpose, like the Ultra Klean Ultra Wash Mouthwash. A lot of people believe that swishing water around may help, provided more than 24 hours have passed. However, a quick mouthwash before the test will increase the chances of beating the drug test. Brushing your teeth vigorously along with mouthwash is essential if your drug test falls within the timeframe. However, nothing beats abstaining for at least a few days.

What can be detected in a saliva test?

To administer the Mouth Swab Drug Test, a simple wooden stick with a cotton swab attached is needed. This stick is inserted into the candidate’s mouth and moved around to get a saliva sample. This saliva sample is taken to a lab and tested for various substances. The Mouth Swab test can detect the presence of a number of substances, including Cocaine, Heroin, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, THC (Marijuana), Opiates, Prescription drugs like Xanax, Benzoates, and other common substances.

Common myths about Mouth Swab Test

One of the biggest myths around this subject is that poppy seeds cannot give a false positive test result because they are legal edibles. The fact is actually that Opium is made from Poppy Seeds, so in whatever form it is in, it will test positive for a drug test, whether administered through a mouth swab or a urine detection test. If you eat poppy seed bagels, for example, your Mouth swab drug test will give a positive result for using drugs. Another common myth is that drinking a lot of water will make the presence of drugs undetectable in your system. This is not true. No matter how much water you drink, the drugs cannot be flushed out quickly from your system. They need their time to be expelled out, and mostly this takes between 1 day to 2 weeks, depending upon the substance taken.

Additionally, the myth that taking drug edibles like weed brownies will not make the drug test come positive is quite strongly circulated; however, these also do not hold any truth in them. While they may, to a certain level, decrease the chances of being detected, they are not altogether undetectable. A mouth swab test certainly can catch the presence of weed in your saliva even if you take a weed brownie. Prescription drugs are also very much detectable by a mouth swab test, and as such, if you do take any prescription drugs, it is best to be transparent about it to avoid any complications. Prescription drugs are still drugs and remain in your system for a while to do the job that they have been prescribed for. There is also a lot of search for home remedies to pass the mouth swab test without being caught; however, while you may find a lot of suggestions, none of them have any scientific backing to ensure that your test comes back positive. As such, it is best to abstain from taking any drugs for a few days or weeks before a drug test.

A mouth swab test is now being preferred by a lot of organizations for various reasons, most prominently that it is quicker to conduct, the least invasive method, and the hardest to tamper with. However, if you are worried about clearing the test on account of a recent intake of any drugs, you must try out the Ultra Klean Ultra Wash Mouthwash. This product comes in a single-use pack. Simply pour half the contents into your mouth, swish around for 2-3 minutes, spit, and repeat. For 30 minutes after this process, your mouth will be ready to clear the mouth swab drug test.

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