July 5, 2022 11:38 pm

Riza Delufo

With Synthetic Urine becoming increasingly popular for individual use, customers are often found wondering whether the product is even worth the time, money, and effort. Can a fake urine product even fool a drug test? Can drug testing labs differentiate between real pee and synthetic pee? Is there any way to ensure successfully fooling the test? These are some of the most common questions in the minds of those individuals who wish to purchase synthetic urine for personal use.

Company mandated drug tests are quite common in Australia. Failing in these tests can often lead to dire consequences, including suspension without pay unless the test comes clear or even expulsion from the company. While the policies vary for every company, it is the fear of getting fired that leads individuals to try and cheat on this test. Depending upon the drug and the amount used, its presence can be detected in a person’s urine stream for two weeks or more. If, in such a case, a person has recently taken drugs, and a drug test is announced, they would naturally worry about the consequences they would have to face. This would get them to think of alternative ways to pass the drug test. Synthetic Urine has thus, become a very popular product. It is commercially sold, so it is simple to get, its instructions are very straightforward and do not require a lot of special care, it can be reused, and comes in a complete kit, making it the most attractive choice in such scenarios.

Can Synthetic Urine go undetected?

If you, too, are wondering if Synthetic Urine can go undetected as fake urine, keep reading. Synthetic Urine is made using a lot of chemical compounds. A complex combination of these chemicals mimics real human urine. To perfectly mimic human urine, the synthetic urine fluid must mimic odour, consistency, gravity, color, creatinine levels, urea, and uric acid levels, among other things.

If Synthetic urine is made to mimic actual urine with good quality products, then it is nearly impossible to detect whether a urine sample consists of real urine or fake urine. There are still some important factors that come into play, for example, whether the synthetic urine has been heated in the correct manner or not.

Can synthetic urine go undetected as fake? Yes, it absolutely can. In fact, there have been several targeted tests to check whether the standard urine tests can distinguish between real urine and fake urine.

Synthetic Urine products are distinguished into two broad categories: Good Quality Synthetic Urine and Low-Quality Synthetic Urine. Different brands of Synthetic Urine are divided into these two broad categories based on a few factors, including Quality of the Ingredients used, Ease of Use, and Temperature.

  • The quality of raw materials plays the primary role in determining whether a synthetic urine product is of good quality or not. Chemicals and other raw materials are available in different qualities. Some brands use inferior quality products to cut corners. These products get easily detected in urine tests.
  • Ease of use is the second most significant factor contributing to the success or failure of a synthetic urine product. Some brands sell synthetic urine pre-mixed, and the customers only need to heat the product before using it. These brands also often sell their products in kits, which contain every single thing required to heat the synthetic urine, including rubber bands. Other brands may require you to get other things in order to use the product, making them a hassle to use.
  • The temperature of the synthetic urine is also critical. Some brands create their formulation to heat up to the correct temperature, while others with more unstable compositions can remain cold or overheat in the recommended amount of time. Both these scenarios are bad for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if the synthetic urine is colder than or hotter than the average temperature of actual urine, the lab technicians will detect that it is fake immediately. Secondly, if the fake urine gets overheated, it would alter the chemical composition, which would then yield faulty results or become immediately detectable as fake.

All of these factors contribute significantly to a product’s success or failure rate. Upon conducting various tests like the Adulteration check, Specimen Validity Test, Immunoassay, and Onsite Synthetic Urine Analysis, good quality synthetic urine went undetectable in the first three. The Onsite Synthetic Urine Analysis was the only test that was able to detect that the sample was synthetic urine. As far as the comparison of performance in tests is concerned, it was found that only 2% of the excellent quality synthetic urine brands were detected as artificial in tests, while over 40% of low-quality synthetic urine brands were detected as fake in tests.

How to ensure that you pass that dreaded drug test (Legally)

The first thing we want to say is that you should not use synthetic urine in any lawfully administered drug tests.

If you have an upcoming drug test that you would probably not pass, find a good brand of synthetic urine that has been on the market for years and has proven its validity over that time. Make sure you have all the things needed to create the perfect fake pee that would qualify the test for you. Carefully go through the instructions for use mentioned on the package or in the instruction book provided and follow them precisely. Once heated, Synthetic urine is good to be used for up to 6 hours. You can even reheat it as needed using the heating pad or even hand warmers or body heat.

Merely purchasing a synthetic urine kit does not guarantee that you will pass the drug test. It is upon the customer to find a good quality product and use it as per instructions to see the desired results. Upon failing to do so, the fake urine would probably become identifiable by the testing lab. So you absolutely need to pick one of the most relied brands, and shell out a little more money, to ensure that you do not get fired from your job for failing a drug test.

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