Does Ultra Mask Detox Drink Work?

Does Ultra Mask Detox Drink Work?

Does Ultra Mask Detox Drink Work?

Ultra mask 1 hour Liquid Drug Detox (also called B Clear) is one of the best sellers at Detox Stuff, and we see great results time and time again.  Sometimes Ultra Mask is rebranded as  B Clear, for the Australian Market, but it is the exact same product made by the same manufacturer.

The manufacturers extensive background, education and experience formulating and testing carbohydrate-based cleansing formula has resulted in a product that is unsurpassed in both effectiveness and  convenience. Their formula effectively cleanses ALL TOXINS 1 - 5 hours after ingestion. And it is so easy to use!  So how does Ultra Mask 1 hour detox work?  Just shake and drink. Refill with water 15 minutes later and drink. Over the next 45 minutes, urinate 2-3 times and your toxins will be completely cleansed for the next four hours.  It's as simple as that, the most important thing to remember is to follow the instructions precisely.  The manufacture gets a 99.5% success rate with this product under controlled testing, while we get more like a 95% success rate with our client base (uncontrolled testing).

Optimal Results with Ultra Mask

To get the best results , it is strongly advised that you avoid all toxins and unnecessary medications 24-72 hours prior to using Ultra Mask 1 Hour Liquid Formula. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications will produce false-positive test results! Have a look at our article on this topic.  Drinking plenty of water in the days prior to using Ultra Mask will help lower the body's toxicity level. Avoid all alcohol within 24 hours of using this product, since alcohol dehydrates the body. If your body is dehydrated you will not be able to effectively flush toxins from your body.  Also avoid caffeine products including coffee, tea and coke and energy drinks such as Mother and V etc.

Power Flush Capsules

Power Flush Tea & Capsules

If you have heavy toxin levels (which we generally classify as those who have been exposed to toxins on a daily basis for  an extended period of time - say three months or longer) you should use either the PowerFlush Tea or Power Flush Capsules prior to taking the Ultra Mask. 1 hour formula to ensure all toxins are masked.  We sell a combo of the Ultra Mask with Power Flush Capsules at a cheaper price. If you would like to remove toxins from your system permanently you would be best to look at Power Flush Permanent 7 day treatment.

If you have any questions about the products here, please contact us on this site.

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