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If you aim to get your dream job or a huge internship, you must be physically clean, pass all tests such as urine, blood, or drug tests and free your body from any residue at all cost. There are several types of drugs or even negative substance, when detected, will leave your goal of getting a job to limbo. These substances include:

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  • Marijuana: it goes by many nicknames like dope, pot, Mary Jane, weed or ganja. Though some medical research proved its medicinal use but still not supported by a good laboratory result yet. With this, it still has been known for its harmful effects to the body. In fact, there’s a mind-altering substance found in marijuana that has been found by many laboratory experts.
  • Alcohol: known as a form of depressant that sold as liquor, beer or wine.
  • Tobacco: it comes in the forms of smokeless tobacco, cigar, cigarettes, water pipes or hookahs.
  • Ecstacy: one of the many party drug types.
  • Inhalant: appears to be harmless that why it’s being commonly used by teenagers. Experts found that inhalants can provoke long-term irreversible damage to the body.
  • Cocaine: considered as one of the most powerful stimulant drugs. Coca leaves are the known source of cocaine which had brought its very strong stimulant effect.
  • Methamphetamine: Just like Marijuana, it goes with many nicknames too like meth, crystal, Shabu or speed.
  • Cough medicine: It’s the dextromethorphan (DXM) content of cough medicine that makes it harmful most especially when used without prescription from your physician. A hallucinogenic effect can be developed when used excessively.
  • Amphetamine: Commonly used to treat obesity, narcolepsy or even considered as performance enhancer stimulant. It is smoked, snorted, injected or ingested.
  • Rohypnol: Some countries sell it legally to treat insomnia. However, this substance’s sedative effects are 10 times stronger compared to Valium. As a matter of fact, it is commonly called as a date rape drug because it can cause amnesia when combined with alcohol or cocaine.
  • Prescriptions Drugs: These include pain relievers, sedatives and tranquilizers. When taken unnecessarily, these drugs are very harmful.

Some of these substances may take hours or days to be completely removed from your system. However, some like marijuana may take weeks to be freed from any traces, most especially when taken severely. There are only two ways to avoid getting positive results from your urine tests. Don’t take any of this substances if you have impending tests or look for some reasonable and legal solutions.

Urine Test Overview

Urine Test: An Overview

Urine Drug Test is done to detect any possible substance abuse or some common diseases. There are several reasons why people are required to undergo urine test and why is the result seems so important to them. A urine sample will be tested and examined for signs of infection, measure the amount of bacteria and to find out if there’s any presence of prescription medications or, at worst, certain illegal drugs. In most countries, especially the United States and Australia, employers require potential employees to get a urine drug test. Why? This step is necessary in the entire hiring procedure. In cases that these potential employees obtain a positive result for illegal drugs, most likely the job application may not be pursued and the employer has all the right to deny the application.

Urine Drug Test: Uses, Types and Procedures

Urine drug screen (UDS) is another term for urine drug test. Unlike any other forms of drug tests, this one is painless and results won’t take long. The type of drug test is capable of screening all types of legal and illegal drugs. For medical purposes, urine tests can help medical professionals, at some point, determine any underlying illnesses. In fact, it can also clearly detect some potential substance abuse issues or problems. As soon as the test is done and the result has already been examined, doctors will then provide a treatment plan if any irregularities are found. When a series of urine tests has been done, any substance abuse treatment programs will ensure its effectiveness and eventually encourage the patient not to take those harmful substances anymore for his or her own sake.

The primary care physicians may require this test if they notice that a patient seems to have some drug or alcohol problems. Even those practitioners in emergency rooms they may also order a urine test if a patient is showing confusions as well as a dangerous behavior.

As mentioned earlier, most employers require potential employees to get a urine drug test prior to being hired. One benefit of this test to prevent people with drug problems out of jobs. Since most jobs require the ability to be focused, accurate and alert, if an employee is under the influence of any addictive substance, tendency is any task or company can be jeopardized with their unstable and unreliable performance.

Beating Drug Test Results

If you think it’s ultimately important to you to get that job or keep it, think about these two ways to make it possible. Consider this as 100% effective ways to pass a drug test. First, simply avoid any drug intake if you have impending drug tests. Second, make sure to use products that will naturally and fully detox the body. Though the latter is kind of complicated since doing some tricks may not effectively work with your system. However, there are natural detox products available online. Learn more about these products that help detox your body from drugs here at detoxstuff.com.au.

Important note: Choose wisely. Purchase those products that are clinically tested. Avoid wasting your money, job, time or even your FREEDOM on those unproven drug detoxifying products that are widely spreading in the market today.

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