February 1, 2021 10:57 am

Riza Delufo

If you’re going to be a suspect in any type of investigation, whether it’s an organized crime sting or a simple job interview, there is no doubt that you will be asked to submit to a drug test. It might sound like a no brainer and you may be tempted to just sign your name and go so far as to include the date of birth to prove your identity; however, doing so can have severe consequences if discovered by the investigative team. This is why many people choose instead to use a fake urine drug test, which you can obtain very cheaply and easily from any number of sources. With so many different suppliers around and so many different types of tests available, you can surely find a type that fits your needs.


In order to use a fake urine drug test, you first have to gather some information. A lot of people assume that they can simply take a few pills, show up at their job interview, and somehow pass a drug test. The reality is that while taking fake urine can help you pass a drug test, it also has serious legal implications. You are essentially using another person’s life to try to pass a drug test. Even worse, these tests are subjective, meaning that what you think may be a false positive can easily be proven false after the fact.


Because of this, a lot of people choose to use fake urine drugs instead of taking the real thing. While a fake urine drug test won’t help you pass your drug test and can even cause more legal problems if discovered, it is still a perfectly valid alternative to taking the real thing. If you have concerns about getting caught with a false urine drug test, it may be better to keep your mouth shut rather than to try and pass a drug test at all.


There are many reasons why someone might want to try using fake pee. For example, someone may be caught by a drug test at work and fired, only to find out that they used illegal narcotics. Instead of finding a new job, they turn to drugs. However, is using fake pee actually effective at getting people hooked on illegal drugs?

 Synthetic Urine Won't Help Drug Abuse!

No! That’s not true at all. Excessive intake of illegal narcotics will in no way help someone pass a drug test. In fact, it can even make things worse. People who use narcotics excessively run the risk of getting arrested and convicted for possession of drugs, even if they’re not actually addicted to them.


Does Using Fake Pee Work To Pass A Drug Test? So, if no one is actually impaired by drugs and they don’t get arrested or convicted, does fake urine work as a means of getting people hooked on drugs? Yes, it does.


One of the best places to try fake urine is at your local strip club. If you go to a place that allows patrons to urinate on a “piss bank,” which is just a large sheet of plastic with a hole in the center, you’ll find that a lot of men and women are inclined to try this method. It’s easy to perform, and no one has to know that you’re trying to trick them. All it takes is a small amount of fake urine, which can be purchased at a drugstore. You simply drop the fake urine into the hole in the center of the pail, wait for a few seconds, and then catch it with your mouth before blowing it out.


The downside to this technique is that it doesn’t actually fool the drug tests that are run at the drugstore. They know that there’s no urine left in the can, so they won’t look for it. Of course, if you try this at a jail house, it might fool them as well, but it won’t fool the legal system. It might not even fool the jail nurse who examines you to ensure that you’ve actually taken drugs, but it will fool the court reporter who will transcribe the testimony of the police officer.


Another way that fake urine can be used at a strip club is at a day spa where you sign in and then go to the showers and spas where you relax while listening to music and soaking your feet in hot water. While in these hot tubs, you’ll likely pass out in the dark if there isn’t any real urine in your can. This can be an effective way to avoid a drug test at a day spa. Unfortunately, this technique also allows a pharmacist to mix some fake medication with the fake urine to give you a drug test while at the spa.


If you’re wondering how to do this in a court of law, you can ask the pharmacist to mix a small amount of the fake urine with the actual urine that would have been in the can. This won’t fool the court, and it won’t fool the pharmacist. However, if you’re trying to get a speeding ticket dismissed because of a DUI arrest, it could be worth a shot. You should discuss this option with a lawyer.


So, is it possible to pass a drug test by using fake urine? It’s possible but not likely. It would probably fool one court house, but it might not fool every single court house. There are far too many other ways for a chemist or drugstore clerk to catch you in the act. Unless you really want to play the “snake oil” game, I suggest staying away from this option.

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