January 9, 2019 6:24 pm

Riza Delufo

Did you know how stress complicates our lives? Little did we know how stress impacts our daily routine. Eventually, it alters our emotions and our perception towards things. It influences others in so many ways, aside from that annoying headache and explainable discomfort, it could totally affect our whole being. There are lots of factors that cause stress. There’s job issues, family conflicts, money matter, unnecessary worries and drug abused especially marijuana, to mention some. The latter appears to be the most obvious to cause stress since it changes everything about your emotional, mental and physiological aspects.

At some point, it even develops potential life-threatening diseases. Experts call this psychological stress. So what you can do to avoid this, always make sure to give yourself a break. Try do any of the following steps to relieve stress, including:

1. Take time to get off from your phone and other electronic gadgets.

Modern technology has seemingly brought us away from the real world. The more time we spend on computers or phones, the more chance we get disconnected from the people around us whom we suppose to spend more quality time together. This aspect has been now fade out by modern technology. Instead of talking to people you care about, you now end up reading negative and distraction things online. Just imagine how social media these days infuence our thoughts and perception towards the real stuff. Turn off those gadgets every once in a while and spend more time talking to people who care about. At worst, these gadgets could one day control us.

2. Go for a walk and breathe fresh air.

Do you have any idea how fresh air help us relieve stress? Take time to go for a walk outside and give yourself the luxury of time to think and simply empty your mind.

3. Learn the effective techniques of deep breathing.

Air is essential for survival, yes, no doubt about that. Scientifically, it can improve the way our body works and perform. Much more about deep breathing. It is essential to help improve blood circulation and provides a good way to keep us more relaxed. Best time to start? It’s now. So go, inhale, exhale!!!

4. Love yourself so you can love others.


As a mom, it’s almost impossible to put myself first, my family is my priority. But, I came to realize, how can I give them the best care if I can even hardly take care of myself. I can I encourage them to live a good life if I don’t experience it myself. How can I teach them the things about time management and stress management if I myself don’t know what these are? Always live something for yourself like time and energy to recharged and get going.

5. Live, Laugh and Love!

Spend quality time with your family. Yes, we have to work, to feed them and to provide them their needs. But how can we perform well with our work if we can’t even find time to enjoy what we’ve been doing? Find time to relax, find time to laugh and find time to love. Laughing release good hormones that protects your body from getting sick. After all, laughter has always been the best medicine.

What is stress management?


If you feel so powerless to conquer stress, how much more if something affects the people you care about. Don’t let negative feelings control you, do the other way around. Face stress by taking control of your life, your thoughts and your emotions. Change your perception about the way you deal with your problems. Stress management doesn’t require professional help. It’s something that you yourself can address right at this moment. If you can’t change the stressful situation, change that way you look at it. The greatest secret to manage stress is to recognize the real sources of stress in your own life. Face every situation with so much confidence, strong self-esteem and well-being. Start to manage it with the power of happiness, self-worth and confidence. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else.

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