January 9, 2019 8:39 pm

Riza Delufo


Such an unpleasant combination. Clinical researchers have found that marijuana can produce a variety of effects. Some are considered pleasurable but some may appear very complicated and undesirable. A person who’s high in marijuana often appears to be very cheerful, talkative and with altered perceptions during social interactions. Experts highlighted its unwelcome effects like anxiety, depression and even paranoia.

Don't Panic

When anxiety strikes

Anxiety is just one of the many withdrawal symptoms brought by an abusive and prolonged used of marijuana. Studies show that those people who suffer from anxiety or panic attacks feel as if they are going mad. At worst, some feel they’re dying due to heart attack. Users often feel or experience tightness in the chest area or an explainable headache due to tension caused by the anxiety. There’s a common sensation which seemingly appear to be uncontrollable.

Marijuana is not the only thing that can cause anxiety. Several factors can cause anxiety and if you also use marijuana and other drugs, thus, made you more susceptible with this emotional issue. Feeling stressed and in a constant state of tension are early signs of
anxiety. Other factors include:

-abusive used of other alcohol and narcotics
-family history
-underlying medical condition
-traumatic life events

Let’s try to find out why do people take drugs to begin with?

There’s a good logic as to why people resort to taking drugs most especially if there emotions are a little unstable or if they aim to divert their mind to something else. Scientifically speaking, we have this so called central nervous system. It’s inside our head that
interprets everything including the daily activities of our mind and body. It’s the bottom of our brain branching out to all the different parts of ours system. This system sends messages up and down through the body. If we try to set our fingers on fire, it message goes up to brain down to the central nervous system then being processed, and voila! We feel pain.

Dead End

So when a person takes drugs, similar things happen. Drugs cut off the communication in the central nervous system. That’s it could alter or kill pain and will relax the person because this normal smooth flow all the way through the body is actually stopped at some point. So many would think that drugs is too beneficial since it has made them feel more relaxed for a short while. Some even totally feel no more pain. Thus, give the person a false hope that if they take drugs over and over they won’t feel anything at all. That’s when addiction kicks in!

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