January 9, 2019 8:57 pm

Riza Delufo

 We’ve been providing information on how to pass your drug test in certain time frames. This doesn’t mean we’re giving you a way to just hide irresponsible use of drugs. But this is our way of helping you keep your jobs and defend you from any unlawful accusations. Most companies these days are challenging their employees to undergo drug testing plans. Some are also implementing pre-employment drug screens to keep their workplace safe from any possible drug abuse which may interfere one’s productivity and work behavior. We completely understand their regulation.

Blood Drug Test

We always urge our readers to use every information they get from this website responsibly. We want to make sure that nobody will suffer from those error rates from poor quality control of some laboratories who conducted drug tests. There are a lot of reports online that many workers were falsely accused of drug abuse. With this, we would like to ease your anxiety and restlessness of being caught using drugs. Some drug tests are announced but some aren’t. Some are random and happen within the day of the announcement. What if your test will be happening in a week. What should you do?

One week is enough time to flush out toxins and come out clean. Some random drug tests only give people a day or two. Sounds challenging but still our team was able to provide you with way on how to get through it. Check out these articles to know how to pass drug test in 24 or 48 hours. And please take time to check our drug detection times chart.

Let us provide you with some essential information on how to avoid getting you or your job jeopardized. First let’s discuss some factors that greatly contribute to your chances of passing any drug tests. These include avoiding any drug intake when there’s any impending tests, have enough rest, always look confident when you take the test and make sure to follow all instruction carefully and properly when using detox products. With that, here are the things that you can
specifically do or avoid to pass your drug test in 1 week.

1. Detox Program: There no such things a quick detox program that works after a minute. But using the most trusted detox products available here with the given time frame, nothing will go wrong. It doesn’t work quickly, yes right! That’s why this is the best option for drug tests happening in 1 week. This doesn’t mean we’re fooling a drug test, it means we’re doing something to keep you away from being jeopardized. We’re simply detoxing. These products are all natural and made of special herbs which can do wonders in flushing out undesirable substances out from your system. Who doesn’t want to get clean and free from toxins? You may find these amazing products here.

2. Replace: This is a good option if all else fail. Even if you think 1 week is enough time to flush out those toxins. One way to overcome anxiety is taking some desperate measures. Synthetic urine is created in laboratories. It’s considered as a pretty good solution most especially during random drug testing. This type of products are useful and helpful because they come with the necessary equipment to ensure proper temperature. Please see more details here. One rule of the thumb, always make sure to check the expiration date on the box.

3. Physiological Care: A good exercise and a healthy diet may work if you have a week before your test. But none of these are ultra quick to just flush out all toxins overnight. Yes, they will help speed up the process but the exact amount of time may vary from person to person. We don’t highly recommend of this alone.

Please Note: For urine tests: Always avoid using the first or last part of your urine stream for a sample. Why? Midstream should be the only one to enter the cup since it carries lower levels of toxins.

Additional Key Points:

Did you know that drug testings are highly sensitive to marijuana, meth, cocaine and opiates? And surveys said that most drug tests totally disregard alcohol which was known to be the world’s leading abused substance. In fact, the most common misconception of companies is that they rule out the most innocent off-the-job marijuana use, while permitting flagrant on-the-job alcoholism. Regardless of the substance you’re using, it’s always best to make sure that you’re free from them during the tests. Don’t just settle for this thought as some usually say “sometimes desperate times call for
desperate measures.” Our team will never get tired of providing you with best ways to beat drug tests. Everyone deserves to win!

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