January 9, 2019 8:52 pm

Riza Delufo

 You might be wondering what we’re here for. Drug tests are very common in organizations, workplaces, schools and those implemented by the government. Some might have found it nonsense and some are freaking out. It goes without saying, if you’re not into any kinds of illegal drugs, then there’s nothing to worry about! But some just can’t sit down and wait. So that’s why we’re here. We are offering a one-stop shop for your drug testing products. If you’re not sure enough about the possible result, it’s best if you can do the test yourself, right before they do.

Drug Tester

Here you can purchase the highest quality drug testing kits. These products are specifically designed for home and workplace use. What make them more special is that, they’re authentic and trusted and are guaranteed at a very reasonable prices. Our Online store offers drug testing products that are cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please note that this wide array of tests can be done privately and conveniently. The results are also quick. Our drug test kit include oral drug test, urine drug test and saliva tests. By providing this product line, initiating a drug test would be very convenient, accessible and simple.


Urinalysis Drug Testing

Multiple Drug Test Single Test: The FDA approved 5-panel test card can be used for the detection of the following: THC (Marijuana), Cocaine, Amphetamines, MDMA (Ecstasy), Opiates

This test tests at the same levels as a laboratory test. The cut-off level for the test is 50 ng/ml, the same as used in the labs for DOT Tests. The Home Test kits are 98{c129086c833b15136d8d93fdc2a7fdaeffef6f6f53d41759e4e0537e469da254} accurate for testing your system for toxins. This is the most commonly used method of drug screening today. Detecting 5 different substances is an outstanding feature of this drug test kit. It also known to conduct the standard cutoff levels including all major drugs of abuse.
Saliva Drug Testing

The Oral Drug Screen (Oral Swab) tests for: Amphetimine, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP and Benzodiazepines

The Oral Drug Screen Device is a simple one-step test for the detection of drugs of abuse in the oral fluid. This oral swab is of the highest quality and for purchase in single, double or 3 packs.

Nowadays, saliva drug testing or oral swabs are getting recognized in the market. There an increasing demand due to its inherent advantages compared to the common urine drug test. This test kit is known for its relatively non- invasive technique of collection that can be observed without compromising the individual giving the sample. This process can provide details similar to the one provided by plasma or a blood drug test.


Blood Drug Testing

Single Drug Test Strips 3 Pack: The Single Substance Test Cards are FDA approved home test kits that will test for the qualitative detection of THC. This test tests at the same levels as a laboratory test. The cut-off level for the test is 50 ng/ml, the same as used in the labs for DOT Tests. The Home Test kits are 98% accurate for testing your system for toxins. Keep test strips in sealed pouches until ready for use.

Blood drug test kit can measure if a drug or a drug metabolite is in the system at a particular time. This capability made this test to be the most accurate way of telling if a person is intoxicated or if there’s any drug metabolites in the body. Some may think that blood drug tests are at high cost. But with out drug test kits, you can now perform it at home and get immediate results. It’s simple and easy.

To get a closer look at these drug test kits and other interesting products to help you pass any drug tests, please click here.

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