January 9, 2019 8:55 pm

Riza Delufo


Drug and alcohol presence in the workplace have been known to create chaos among employers and co-employees. Aside from imposing threat but its mere presents, these substance could lead to compromising work quality and ethics. The total abolition of unlawful drugs in workplaces has not been implied by only one or
two executives but the entire organization itself. There are lots of government and private officials highlighting the importance of random drug testing of employees to combat the substance abuse that most nations are facing. Over the years, there’s an increasingly widespread practice among these types of substances. These have resulted to loss of privacy, damage to reputation, unemployment, emotional distress and unbeatable personal issues.

Let’s understand the basic drug testing policy:

Obviously, most policies begin with an intention to highlight the need for safety in the workplace. It is also intended to adhere to job requirements and work quality. Companies’ goal is always to improve safety and productivity. The policy should address the following:

-It is important to understand what are those things considered a violation.
-It is also essential to know your coverage as an employee when it comes to policies.
-In cases that an employee violates something, identify the disciplinary measures that might be imposed.
-For those employees who are detected positive with any substances, you need to know if your company allow rehabilitation.

 Employee Screening with Drug Tester

Employee Screening:

Over the years, experts have found more effective and lawful ways to address substance abuse in the workplace. Some of these include education and treatment or rehabilitation of employees. Studies have shown that there’s a tremendous decrease of drug use globally when the awareness of health concerns, prevention programs and drug education have been improved and focused. But what if some companies abused this power which then result to employee discrimination and injustice. As we conducted our own research about this issue, we have heard a lot of similar cases. If companies and the government failed to address this issue accordingly, this may result to a more serious problems among drug users.

Moreover, there are existing companies that ordered indiscriminate drug testing which has been considered unfair and unnecessary. You know why? This is unnecessary to those workers who are not even
suspected of using drugs. This is unfair to those whose job performance is satisfactory regardless of their personal issues and lifestyle. Some have been degraded due to uncertain procedures and unreliable laboratories that violate personal privacy.

In this case, they’re not showing a good way to enhance their ability to evaluate or predict job performance by their own employees. Some believe that drug testing is one way to allow employers to intrude upon the private lives of their employees. Yes, that’s one way to put it. But employers should make sure that they follow rules as much as they want their employees to do the same.


How to deal with both random and scheduled drug test in your workplace?

It goes without saying, if you don’t use drugs, you have nothing to hide. But since you do, let’s help you! That’s where we come in. We will teach you how to get around it. We’re not advocating drug test result tampering or cheating here. But we’ll provide you with effective methods and strategies on how to get through it in the most natural and clinically proven way possible.

Click here to know more about us and to get the list of those effective methods mentioned above. You are in the right place. So, please feel free to shoot us a message. You may call, chat or email us your concerns and we will listen!

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