January 9, 2019 5:34 pm

Riza Delufo

Some of us may not be aware not our childhood experiences have great impacts to what we can become as an adult. Most often than not, it affects our level of self-esteem and confidence. If you have experienced violence or embarrassment during childhood, most likely we grow up shy and has no belief to one’s self. Having low self-esteem and inability to challenge one’s self to reach a goal can sometimes become so challenging.

This unfortunate experience can sometimes make us difficult accept mistakes and understand others. We tend to lose our ability to believe in ourselves, our talents and our strengths. Sometimes, we feel like there no more areas to improve or excel at some point. Self
improvement will then become so difficult and impossible. With this, I would like to totally change that perception. I want to share and suggest some low self esteem boosters and offer tips on how to become better and unleash the beautiful you.

<strong>How likely you are to think if you have negative or positive outlook in life? You may try following these few effective steps to determine.</strong>

<em>1. Create a list of your previous accomplishments.</em>
<em>2. Try to check if there is a pattern of how you accomplish things. </em>
<em>3. Examine your thoughts and feelings now.</em>
<em>4. Try to develop a more positive mind set towards different things happening in your life right now. </em>
<em>5. Come up with a comprehensive personal list on what you can do to reinforce self-esteem.</em>
<em>6. If you tend to notice a negative thought along the way, conquer it with a positive counter argument.</em>

<strong>How to maintain being motivated?</strong>

Before we address how to manage stress, let’s discuss first how get and stay motivated. An expert once suggested this trick. Try to imagine being so enthusiastic in getting up every morning and prepare for work. Try to visualization this thought vividly from beginning to end. But to do this, you must also learn the step by step
strategies so it would be a lot easier for you compose your imagination.

Always pay attention and be keen to every detail. Imagine how much you like going to work, doing what you love to do and earn more out it. If you want, you can play your favorite music that
serves as a background. You can do some minor editing with the lights, make it dim or make it vibrant, whichever you prefer. To complete the steps, try to include some positive feelings. Do you get the whole scenario? The idea behind all this involves a matter of mind setting. Everything happens around you, from your actions to your reactions depends on your own perception. It all depends on how you look at things and it all depends on how feel about it.

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