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Quick Fix Synthetic Urine is a premixed laboratory urine made to replicate all properties of original human pee.

The difference between others and this artificial urine is that it’s all the right levels of foam, ph, uric acid, aroma and colour of actual synthetic urine. This sample also grows bacteria which really adds to the realism effect. Some laboratories anticipate that when they collect a sample and before they do the testing on that sample; that bacteria would have grown. So that is certainly a great thing !

Quick Fix contains all of the ingredients normally present in urine and is balanced for: Specific gravity, pH, Creatinine, Uric Acid, and other urine characteristics.

Quick Fix Product Instructions

  1. Just before departing, place the Quick Fix container in a microwave for around 10 seconds after opening the top. If you aren’t able to microwave the container, tape or rubber band the heating pad onto it 1 hour prior to your test.
  2. After heating, close the lid and shake the Quick Fix bottle. The heat label should read from 94° to 100°. If it is above 100 then let it cool off for a moment. If it is below 94 then heat it for a little while longer.
  3. Rubber band or tape the heating pad to the Quick Fix container to maintain the heat of the synthetic urine until your test. If you keep it near your body eg. in your pockets it should maintain the temperature at 100 for at least 6 hours.
  4. Examine that the Quick-Fix artificial urine is between 94°- 100° before collection. Shake and pour into the Collection Container.
  5. Quick-Fix artificial urine can be reheated with hand-warmers as many times as needed.
  6. Some settling may happen.
  7. Before & After you heat the container and right before you test the product make sure you shake it.

The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kit contains:

  • 90ml of Synthetic Urine.
  • Simple to Read Heat Strip.
  • 1 x Self-Adhesive Heat Pad.
  • Safety Sealed Cap.
  • Instructions to use the product.

Please Note:

If we do not have quick fix synthetic urine in stock, you will receive the Ultra Pure Synthetic Urine instead. If you specifically want this synthetic urine brand then please let us know in advance or via email. They are the exact same product.